Search intelligently

Our intelligent search algorithms crawl through vast data sets to find the profiles you are looking for.  Search from an aggregated knowledge base of:

  • Over 200,000 lawyers...
  • ...in more than 450 firms...
  • ...across 98 countries

View consolidated data

Our machine learning algorithms intelligently consolidate data in the public domain from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Company profiles
  • News and press releases
  • Regulatory Authorities

Gain unparalleled market insights

Our proprietary analytics engine provides you with unparalleled insights on market conditions

Partners in our beta community

  • I had previously worked this role via Linkedin but your product is showing even more people who previously hadn’t come up. So far I love it, I think it is brilliant and it has helped me to identify even more candidates!
    Legal recruiter, Thomson Reuters
  • The UI is much nicer and user-friendly than another solution we tried.
    Legal recruiter, Linklaters
  • Aspirant's tool is very good. It’s cleaner and when compared to Linkedin is considerably more accurate (it provides more relevant hits). Also purely in terms of volume of hits it's superior. It’s difficult to believe that this is still in Beta stage.
    Legal recruiter, Herbert Smith Freehills
  • I'm bought in, it's better than Linkedin and more efficient than going on each firm website.
    Head of recruitment, Eversheds